CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com

The CB Passive Income + PRICE 20% OFF + 3 FREE BONUSES

The CB Passive Income + PRICE 20% OFF + 3 FREE BONUSES!


CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com


The CB Passive Income

Do you know the real secret of a successful marketing system?

It’s called – a sales funnel.
A sales funnel is turning prospects into customers, and to repeat buyers…
Repeatedly… Without failed.
And today, you can “clone” the entire proven and tested sales funnel for yourself here…
“In A Nutshell, CLONE My Entire Business System So That It Can Generate Affiliate Commissions For You Too, On Auto-Pilot…”
All you have to do is to drive traffic to it and the sales funnel will automatically build a relationship with your prospects and turn them into customers for you!
Since 2013, the CB Passive Income has been helping many people to make money online, including generating passive income for them.
But the most exciting part is the latest version – version 5.0. With this new version, you’ll now be able to clone proven funnels…


CB passive income was designed by Patric Chan which is an email marketing product. Its main goal is to promote ClickBank products through email marketing. People can earn through affiliate commissions. Many people and industry stalwarts have reviewed and praised CB Passive income which was launched in August 2013. It the program is updated almost every year with new training material, tools, and resources.

It can help to identify visitors who have opted in to your email list and show a different landing page to promote products and services. It allows visitors to opt-in to your list by just clicking a button and connect to the email address he or she uses for Facebook. It has great features which can enhance conversion rate. The reason why CB Passive income is popular because of the automated tools which help in building your business. These tools do the heavy lifting while you wait for the traffic to increase over time.

Email Marketing is a very effective way of marketing as it can drive traffic to the product landing page. It offers a free gift and collects email address. This email list can be monetized by recommending relevant affiliate products. CB Passive income makes all these steps simpler and faster. Getting traffic to a product page is the toughest challenge for beginners. The CB Passive income program has training materials about traffic generation. So, for beginners, this program is highly recommended.

CB Passive Income has some pre-built opt-in page templates. There will be a unique ID attached to your page. They also have a free gift for you to give away on your opt-in page. The system will track the traffic of subscribers and automatically send them follow-up emails. The system will also help in sending promotional emails, with ClickBank affiliate products. You will earn a commission if anyone buys a product. The course teaches about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Solo Ads, Social Media Marketing, Guest Posting, Paid Ads, YouTube content creation, etc. The guide is simple to follow and can be quickly completed. CB Passive income also has some training on the basics of email marketing.

Final Words

CB Passive Income is a great starting point for people who want to earn online quickly without much hassle. The steps are automated and don’t require too much effort. The course is very informative and focuses on email marketing. The program also offers a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Patric Chan has designed the program using his selling experience. The program is highly recommended for people who want to earn at the comfort of their homes using online affiliate marketing.

  • Product name: The CB Passive Income

  • Value: $1,497

  • Our Price Today: $47 Only!

  • 3 Bonuses Included!




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CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com

CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com

CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com


CB Passive Income - buy at cheapcoursesonline.com

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