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Appcoiner – Get Paid To Test Apps

Appcoiner – Get Paid To Test Apps


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– Choose an app from our app review database and test it on your phone or tablet.

– Write your honest review of the app on your AppCoiner app review website.

– Get paid! The more apps you test and the more reviews you write, the more money you make!

Do you use a lot of apps on your smartphone or tablet? If you are like most people you probably do, but did you know that there is a way you can actually get paid for using the hottest new apps as soon as they are released?

When you think about the fact that the app market is growing like crazy and is worth billions of dollars, it’s easy to see why this makes sense. Every day thousands of apps are released into the app store, and most get lost amongst the crowd.

Developing an app costs thousands of dollars and app developers really don’t want to put all that effort in just to see it flop, so they pay regular app users to download their apps, test them and write a review.

This helps their app climb the rankings in the app store and get positive feedback, the more money they make the more they have to pay app testers like you!

This is a HUGE opportunity and those who get in now are going to profit the most.

Appcoiner - buy at


A quick guide to app testing and earning money out of it

Given the speeding rate of digitization and the need to bring businesses close to the customers, business owners are coming up with websites and mobile apps that allow prospective customers to have a personalised experience when it comes to receiving benefits from the goods and services.

While there are millions of apps developed every single day, there is always the need to ensure that they stand out from the rest and that the competitors do not outsmart them. Since there is always the chance that there are similar apps, they can only stand out and appear on the first list is when there are multiple reviews to their name and that people find it helpful in the process of making the app popular.

A very easy way out is to hire app testers for the app which can be done through a third party where they would have multiple apps as a part of their database, and all you are to do is make it famous. While you may want to know how things work, read along to know more.

How does it start?

When someone owns an app, you can get assistance from a third party who help app developers to earn the reputation and popularity. They are also known to have a registered list of smartphones users who look out for opportunities to earn money. When these users test your app, log in to their account and comment or rate the app from their devices, the app gets to take a step forward to coming into the limelight. While the developer receives the benefit, they get paid for their time and effort put on the app.

How is the app tested?

When the user downloads the app, the first things that they are expected to do is test it. App testing includes multiple areas that need consideration. Some of the important tasks are –

  • Give feedback on whether you like or dislike the look of the app
  • Let the developer know whether the app is user-friendly
  • Convey suggestions for a change or improvement so that it becomes easy for the rest

When you help out with such feedback, the developer gets an idea on where they are wrong and how it will be accepted when presented to the world to use.

Who provides the app testing opportunities?

There are multiple websites out there who act as a bridge between the app developers and those who intend to earn money through app testing. Simply searching the Internet can help you come up with names of all those who help developers and the common man for their respective benefits. Being associated with a trusted website that is genuine and ensures benefits to both parties is the one that you should choose for yourself.

Who can be an app tester?

There is no qualification required to be an app tester. Simply owning a smartphone or a tablet while having the understanding of apps and how it benefits people, you can become an app tester. Applying to the necessary website allows you to know whether you are trustworthy or not and that you would provide genuine help in the form of testing as well as providing reviews just so that the app developer benefits from it and you receive money.


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Appcoiner - buy at

Appcoiner - buy at

Appcoiner - buy at


Appcoiner - buy at

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